The ultimate guide to creating woven patches for your biker

At Ninja patches the quality of the patches and our client’s satisfaction are our foremost concern. Our company is the leading supplier of custom biker patches which are designed with a finer thread. Compared with traditional embroidered patches, these woven patches are an ideal choice for designs with small text or fine detail. Woven patches, PVC patches, chenille patches, Iron-on woven patches, leather and embroidered patches are also available.

Dependable patches for every need.

The only Patches you’ll ever need in your life. Our top quality custom woven patches and badges are perfect for clients who have detailed designs. Woven patches are mostly used for bags, denim jackets, hats, biker outerwear and other fashion related items. For simpler vintage looking designs we usually recommend embroidered. Woven patches are more cost effective and slightly cheaper than embroidered as less set up cost is involved. You may look up our website and blog post to find the best embroidery woven patches in CA and also to have a better clarity between woven and embroidered patches.

Customize with a choice of your own design.

  • Woven patches – stitching a design with fine threads into a piece of fabric on the back of patches never disappoints. It is the perfect design to produce a high resolution polished and professional look. They look great when you want to show finer details.
  • Chenille patches – These patches are usually in a 3D elegant design made with vibrant colors to add a luxurious and stylish touch.
  • Embroidery Patches – traditional style never goes out of fashion and always stay trending. With all the tinting and color combinations they perfectly represent a unique, classic and contemporary design.
  • Iron-on Woven patches: Embellish any fabric or garment with our unique iron on Woven Patches. This is the perfect design if you need to display your name or any logo.
  • PVC patches – The 3D rubber look is made from a soft, credible, and flexible plastic material that can be molded in a unique way to any shape with different vibrant colors. PVC patches are designed in such a way that they can be used for outdoor activities because of high durability and water resistant quality.

Leather Patches – The finely stitched leather material is a statement piece that looks elegant and sophisticated. Custom patches like this gives a recognizable identity that speaks of excellence. Using a variety of vibrant rich colors and techniques, it may give a designer feel and instantly upgrade the look of any accessory

Our professional designers and expert production team work tirelessly to bring your custom designs to life. With years of experience we can provide expert design and best services for all your custom patches. Whether you submit your own design online or work directly with our specialist, we make sure that your every detail is perfect.

Our Process

  1. Select the design – The first step is to choose your design and style. We have the finest patch-making experts at our company that offer a range of design. You can find logo patches to custom personalized patches for clothing. You may get in touch with us if you want to create patches online with the help from our designer.
  1. Choose your colors – Pick contrasting and vibrant colors for a more dynamic patch. You may check the desired color list at our color guide page.
  2. Select the Size – Enter your patch dimensions belove in order to determine the size of your patch.
  3. Choose the perfect shape – We have some top selling shape designs that would go well for your custom patch. You may even provide or specify your own choice in the suggestion box below.
  4. Font – Choose an appropriate font for your custom patch that is easy to understand. We recommend thick and bold fonts for embroidery designs. If desired, please choose from the fonts below. You can also sent us your own fonts or let our expert panel choose a font that best suits your design.
  5. Graphics and Artwork – Describe your idea or concept by uploading your graphics in a suitable format. A design with bold graphics is a better choice than a design with small details. If you’re facing any difficulties in sending your finished artwork our helpline service can advise you on the best way to send your files.
  6. Submit Your Design – You may directly work with a designer or can get patches made online in order to ensure your design is exactly what you desire. Our company will provide you with a confirmation email for your order to finalize the details of your custom patches. The experts at our company will put in their hard work and craft to produce your patches and ship them to you.
  7. Receive Your Custom Patches – The final step is to receive and apply them to your clothes. Once you’ve ordered the patches, you can apply them to your outerwear by either ironing or sewing them on. You’ll be provided with instructions to ensure that your patches are taken good care of, are properly attached and will stay in place.
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