How to Make Custom Embroidery Patches: Complete Guide

Why are these embroidery patches so popular and widely used? And also, how to make your own custom design with an embroidery machine? What is the process? To find answers to these questions, we have a complete guide for you to show how easily you can make your own custom patches and to help you get the best results possible. This article will guide you how to make custom bullion crest patches in a quicker and easier way with our innovative technique processes.

Elevate your designs with ninja patches

At our company where excellence meet the quality, you can find the best custom bullion crest patches in California. We are a leading manufacturer of perfectly embroidered bullion crests. These are widely used for military branches, security organizations, police, volunteer organizations, societies, sports and private clubs. With a good hand of crafting, our team works in perfect combo of excellence and quality to offer creative designs for you. Embroidery patches are the soul of crafting, it is the most artistic and unique way to share a piece of yourself with the world. They can easily be used over a bag, jacket, outerwear or cap. Personalize yourself with our perfect custom embroidery patches to showcase your interests. Embroidery means authenticity here where you can also humbly highlight your embroidery skills and talent.


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These bullion crests are traditionally worn on a blazer jacket. There is also an addition of a personalized garment which is specifically for the members only. This helps to define those in special societies and organizations who aren’t part of the group. To have a different and modern look, these crests can also be worn on customized hats. The crests we create are built to last for a longer period of time and are more durable. With our outstanding customer service we guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied.

2 Ways to make flawless custom bullion crest patches easily

  1. DIY Embroidery Patches – You may insert your designs or lettering into the patch outlines. Whether you’re looking to create a single patch or multiple patches on a needle machine, you may use any materials of your choice to create custom patches. Using a specific machine you can give a clean and crisp edges on your crest patches. Our new DIY patches will help you to get the best results possible and allow you to use a variety of different fabrics, size, shapes, and colors to truly customize your patches.


  • PREPARE YOUR PATCH – It is important to first prepare your patch by using any fabric you’d like. You made add adhesives or stabilizers to add bulk to your patch. Once it’s adhered to the original layer of fabric, you can easily cut it in a suitable size and due to this the edges won’t worn out.
  • CUTTING YOUR DESIGN – The next step is to precisely cut your patch design using a cutter machine. You need to insert your design file into your cutter machine and place your fabric with a suitable adhesive onto your matt. Allow the machine to cut out your perfect patch shapes. If you do not have a cutter machine you may simple run the design file you received within your DIY patch onto your fabric. Then cut along the stitch outline in order to allow it to fit perfectly within the design files of the patch.


  • USE OF STABILIZER – Use a suitable stabilizer or adhesive in order for your patch to adhere properly and smoothly. You may use spraying adhesives or tacky patch stabilizers for you custom design fabric.


  • STYLE WITH EMBROIDERY – Bring the perfect embroidery design for your custom bullion crests. These are individually hand made by skilled artisans from gold and silver wire beads using fine embroidery threads. These high quality bullion crests and patches have a high demand in the competitive industry


  • POST PATCH SEALING – The final touch is done by sealing your patch design using an iron seal. This is a double sided seal which is placed on the back of your finished patch. It will smoothly polish all the trims and give a professional look to your patch.


  1. Ready-Made Embroidery Patches – Our ready-made embroidery patches are crafted with passion and precision. In order to save you time, they are designed to give you the most professional results possible. These patches are completely threaded with elegance and ready to be embroidered. You need to simply insert your logo or lettering design into our embroidery files, hoop the patch, and press on the start button.


Custom embroidery that leaves a lasting impression.

These classy and elegant hand-made bullion crest patches are perfect for any occasion. They are embroidered with precision and delicacy by our craftsmen using copper gold or silver bullion wire combined with colorful fine silk thread. Our objective is to enhance your style with exquisite embroidery, to create intricate designs with skilled embroidery, and to transform ordinary garments into extraordinary pieces.


Want to get an in-depth look at how to design embroidery patches with professional results? Embrace the artistry of embroidered designs at Ninja Patches. You can perfectly make professional custom bullion crest patches in California by signing up for our free webinar session where we’ll teach you everything you need to know about custom embroidery patch making. Also at the end of the workshop you may also receive a free circle embroidery patch to try these techniques on your own. Fill in the form below to sign up for the program.

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