Custom Dye Sublimation Patches

Custom dye sublimation patches are created using a process called dye sublimation, where dye is transferred onto a material, such as fabric, using heat and pressure. This process allows the creation of patches with dye sublimation tags, detailed images, and designs. Custom dye sublimation patches can be used for various purposes, such as branding, identification, and decoration. They are often used in clothing, bags, hats, and other textile products. Get high-quality custom Dye sublimation Patches in Los Angeles without any hesitation from Ninja patches. 

Dye Sublimation Patches


Woven patches are made by weaving threads together, making them more durable and resistant to fraying or unraveling.


Woven patches can reproduce intricate designs and small lettering with greater accuracy and clarity than embroidered or printed patches.


Woven patches come in various colors, shapes, and sizes, making them versatile and customizable.

Thin and Lightweight

Woven patches are thinner and lighter than embroidered patches, making them more comfortable to wear on clothing


Woven patches are made from thread, which can be recycled, thus making them more eco-friendly than embroidered patches made from polyester thread.


Unique Sublimated Patches for your Outfits

Unique sublimated patches for hats, uniforms, and all outfits are custom-designed patches created using the dye sublimation process. These patches are of high quality, with detailed images and vibrant and long-lasting designs. These patches can add a personal touch to hats, uniforms, and other outfits. The dye-sublimation process allows for full-color, photo-quality images to be printed onto the patch, making them an ideal choice for creating detailed designs and logos. These patches can easily be created in various shapes and sizes with borders like merrowed, heat cut, laser cut, etc.

Sports teams often use sublimated patches, schools, businesses, organizations, and other groups for branding, identification, and decoration. They are a cost-effective way of creating unique designs that can easily apply to clothing, hats, bags, and other textile items.

Process of Attaching Woven Patches

The process of attaching woven patches typically involves the following steps:

  • Clean the surface where the patch will be attached. Make sure it is free of dirt, dust, and other debris.
  • Position the patch in the desired location.
  • Use a sewing machine or a needle and thread to sew the patch's edges to the surface. This can be done by hand or with a sewing machine.
  • If using a needle and thread, it is good practice to knot the thread securely at the end to ensure the patch stays in place.
  • Once the patch is attached, it is recommended to press it with a hot iron to ensure the edges are securely attached.


Also, remember that different fabric types and patches may require different attachment methods. For example, if the patch is attached to a delicate fabric, it is recommended to use fabric glue or adhesive instead of sewing.


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Types of Backings used

Several types of backings can be used for these Heat Transfer Dye Sublimated Patches. Some of the most common include:


This type of backing uses a strong adhesive to stick the patch to the garment. It is a good option for patches that will only be removed occasionally.


This type of backing uses a small safety pin that can be attached to the patch and then pinned to the garment.


This type of backing uses a small magnet that can be attached to the patch and then stuck to the garment

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